Easy-to-cook dishes that put restaurant meals to shame

Mouth-Watering Grilled Burgers

Making mouthwatering grilled burgers that will delight your friends and family is easier than you think! It only takes a few ingredients and house made ...

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New Orleans Creole Gumbo

New Orleans-style gumbo is a true taste of Southern tradition. This boldly flavored stew is bursting with fresh, filling ingredients like bell pepper, ...

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Beef Stew

This beef stew is the ultimate, hearty, melt-in-your mouth comfort food of all, and so easy to make in the slow cooker and for a simple midweek dinner. ...

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Delicious Chili

Chili is filling enough to stand-alone as a full meal itself, but you can always add sides or even use chili as a "topping" for other foods. Try ...

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Mediterranean Lentil Stew

This is an excellent slow cooker recipe... Mix ingredients and let cook. Delicious! Spiced with cumin and coriander and flavored with tomato paste, this ...

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Prime Rib

Delicious coating on outside of roast, and perfect roasting time. Plan on 1 pound per person.

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