Think Outside The Flock

Word On The Bird

At Best Meats, the best meals start with the best ingredients. Poultry is one of America's favorite foods not only because it is wholesome, versatile and easy to prepare, but it offers many health benefits. Our bodies require protein, and because protein can’t be stored in the body, we need a new supply every day. Poultry is an ideal source of protein because it is lower in calories, fats and saturated fats than most other meats.

Our poultry selection includes chicken, turkey and cornish hens. We also have a variety of chicken and turkey offal as well.

Cuts available:

Chicken Drums

Chicken Wings

Chicken Thighs
Bone in & Boneless

Chicken Breast

Chicken Offal
Liver, Gizzards, Hearts, Necks, Feet, Backs

Whole Chickens

Turkey Wings

Turkey Necks

Turkey Drums

Turkey Offal
Liver, Hearts, Gizzards

Whole Turkeys

Turkey Breast

Duck Breast

Whole Ducklings


Smoked Turkey Cuts