Abundant marbling, rich flavor and juiciness

At Best Meats You Will Never Beef Alone

America’s Midwest is one of the world’s best locations for growing proteins. The climate and corn feed of this heartland region produces beef with abundant marbling, rich flavor and juiciness. Certified Angus Beef is reliably tender meat, with a higher degree of marbling than most other beef cuts.

Marbling - In the culinary arts, the word marbling refers to white flecks and streaks of fat within the lean sections of meat. Marbling is so named because the streaks of fat resemble a marble pattern. Also called intramuscular fat, marbling adds flavor and is one of the main criteria for judging the quality of cuts of meat. High marbling leads to delicious flavor and extra juiciness.

Color - A brighter red color usually indicates a fresh cut of meat. However, some supermarkets dye their meat to make it look fresher. At Best Meats, we DO NOT dye or inject our Meat. Bright red meat may not be as tender as those that have had some time to age and soften. A brownish color meat is meat that has aged for tenderness and flavor.

Cuts available:



Stew Meat




Short Ribs


Prime Rib Roast


Beef Shank



Beef Offal

liver, feet, head, kidney, tripe, oxtails, marrow bones